Monday, March 10, 2014

Keep Marietta Beautiful cleans community

Keep Marietta Beautiful cleans community: Keep Marietta Beautiful announced that the World Mission Society Church of God will help the city of Marietta spruce up this Sunday. The WMSCOG will be bringing more than 100 volunteers to help imp...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Church Members Spruce Up Grounds, Interior of Senior Center - World Misstion of Church of God

Church Members Spruce Up Grounds, Interior of Senior Center
Church Members Spruce Up Grounds, Interior of Senior Center
Though it was a rainy day, World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) members came to DeKalb County’s Bruce Strret/East DeKalb Senior Center in Lithonia Aril 28 to give the venter’s grounds as spring spruce up. WMSCOG brought more than 100 volunteers from its Norcross location to help improve the look and feel of the senior center, which has been a part of the community for almost half a century.
The center is operated by the DeKalb County Office of Senior Affairs and managed by Senior Connections. Seniors are offered classes, activities, a hot lunch and wellness programs Monday through Friday.
Improvements around the front of the building included sanding and painting the center’s sign, landscaping with flowers and bushes,painting benches, and general clean up. Work was also done in the center’s interior.
Mayor Deborah Jackson came out to greet the volunteers and thank them on behalf of the people of Lithonia.
Debora Furtado, chief executive officer of Senior Connections said the WMSCOG volunteers created “a wonderful outdoor space for the Lithonia seniors to enjoy all year. We are grateful for their caring efforts.”

Nowdays, Many Christian do not obey God's teaching.  However, the member of WMSCOG show a good example to follow God's teachings.  Mother's love is in their hearts.

Monday, December 9, 2013

[USA NEWS] Energetic Church of God Volunteers Spruce Up Senior Center_ADW_Christ Ahnsahnghong - WMSCOG

More than 100 volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) gathered on a rainy day last weekend to help The Lithonia Senior Center with a spring spruce up.

Welcomed with heartfelt thanks from Lithonia Mayor Deborah Jackson, the WMSCOG members helped improve the look and feel of the senior center, located at 2484 Bruce Street. The group has the support of The Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-mart, and other local businesses that donated mulch, equipment and yard goods.

Over the course of a long day, the volunteers completed the following tasks:

• Removing all debris
• Trimming and laying mulch for all the bushes and trees to create a walking area
• Digging and laying 90 feet of stone tile (180 blocks) for seniors to walk on
• Fixing the pond area and adding gold fish
• Cleaning and painting all five benches that are located in the garden and cementing two more
• Adding bird feeders for bird watching
• Adding shading in some key areas
• Fixing five large pots and planting vegetables, plants and flowers in the 9′ by 11′ pots
• Replacing the existing sign that says "Community Center" with a newer sign that says "Senior Center."

Engergetic Church of God Volounteers make people happy and they have power of love to melt snow.  Experience the energy from the Heavenly Mother.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Smile^^~ Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavnely Mother - World Mission Society Church of God receive award


Date published: 12 September 2013
The World Mission Society Church of God have received an award for voluntary service from Mayor Councillor Peter Rush.
80 members of the society attended the award ceremony on 6 September at Rochdale Town Hall.
World Mission Society Church of God has been doing various volunteer work throughout Rochdale,including clean up campaigns and providing entertainment to residents in local care homes. The group also continues to support the local blood drive.
Through their volunteer work, the group wants to inform people of the seriousness of environmental issues.

Smiling face make people to smile. WMSCOG's member have this magical smile that was inherited from Heavenly Mother.  Whenever I heard news on TV, there are few happy news and many fearful accidents.  However here members of WMSCOS seem that they live in other world, not this world.
What is the reason?
If you want to get answer?. Please experience the World Mission Society Church of God.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mother! Mother! My Heavenly Mother! - World Mission Society Church of God

Mother! Mother! .... whenever I call mother, suddenly tears well up in my eyes. 
Mother! How did you walk the painful path for us.
How could you leave your throne behind?
Your endless love would be kept to the end of your life.
Unrequited Love
By haru
The saddest love
While being eyeable, the desire remains
Being awake or asleep, longing never stops
Love that is stifled with yearning

Love that is unalterable
Love that is inextricable
Love that is unstoppable though disregarded
Love that is steadfast over time
Love that is never hideous without being comprehended

Love that laughs and cries for a sinner
Love that trusts, though the promise is broken
Love that moves to tears for an apology
Love that is engraved in the heart, even for a halfhearted gratitude
Love that waits, though the love for the world is greater
Mother’s unrequited love is solely for the sinner

Mother’s love becomes the spring sunlight, and warmly covers my heart
Mother’s love becomes the rain drops on a cool summer day, and moistens my thirsty soul
Mother’s love becomes the sweet fruit on an autumn day, and fills my hungry soul
Mother’s love becomes the warm blanket on a winter day, and melts my icy soul

At last, because of Mother’s everlasting love
This sinner returns to Mother’s arms
I repent
I thank
And I love

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Call Mother to get answer - World Mission Society Church of God

Hurricane Sandy World Mission Society Church of God from WMS COG on Vimeo.

For 15 days, volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God helped more than 20 families clean up their homes devastated by Super storm Sandy in New York: Staten Island, Breezy Point, and Rockaway. Also in New Jersey: Toms River, Union Beach, Ridgewood, and the nearest town of Ridgewood.
Rebuilding the hope with Mother's love the volunteers erected tents and comforted residents with warm beverages, food, toiletries, clothes and other supplies. East Coast Branch churches, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico members of the Church of God also supported Sandy relief.
Mother's love cannot be described in words.
Such deep affection can only be felt through acts of love.
Following the example of our Heavenly Mother, beautiful actions flow naturally from our hearts.
We no longer think of ourselves first, but others.
Through simple acts of kindness, and large scale volunteer efforts, our place in the world, and our impact on it, are changing radically.

As Mother give her mind to her child always, So Our Heavenly Mother give her mind to her spiritual children.
If she find the emergency situation that her child is dangerous, no mother sit still.
The belief  of WMSCOG comes from Mother's love which mother lay down her life for her children.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cleaning Sandy Debris in Jamaica Bay - World Mission Society Church of God

Members of World Mission Society Church of God have a special abililty to change people's mind.
By my faith, their ability come from the Love of Heavenly Mother.!!
Hoping you join in this good chance to change you life.

22 Sep 2013, Posted by in Cleanups, Community Services, Hurricane Sandy Relief



Removing ten tons of debris is no easy task. But that’s how 200 members from the World Mission Society Church of God in New York spent their Sunday on September 22nd. Volunteers worked with the American Littoral Society to remove the debris that was left on the coastline since Hurricane Sandy’s damage to Broad Channel and the Rockaways last October.
To efficiently pick up planks, trash, boat wreckage, and bottles, among other environmental hazards, volunteers formed an assembly line of about a quarter-mile. In less than 4 hours, they were done with pulling out the waste from the marshland.
“The area was completely flooded by Sandy. [It was] really destroyed,” said Cathy of the American Littoral Society. “It’s great that you guys were able to help us in this area because a lot of debris that you picked up was from Sandy. And here we are, almost a year later and it’s still sitting there.”
“Because we believe in God the Father and God the Mother, we put Their teachings into practice by volunteering in our community through service activities like today’s,” said one of the Church of God volunteers. “Christ came as the Good Samaritan. That’s why we want to help out in any way we can to make the world a better place.”
The Church of God has been working with the American Littoral Society over the past five years to help restore Jamaica Bay. This past spring, the volunteers helped plant salt marshes to prevent future floods, like the ones caused by Superstorm Sandy.
The Church of God has especially been helping Broad Channel and the Rockaways rebuild after the storm. Fifteen days immediately after Sandy, hundreds of Church of God volunteers cleaned out flooded homes for families and, more importantly, helped restore their peace of mind and give them hope for the future.